[GET] AdvancedSocialSystem Unreal Engine Store supported by unrealengine versions 4.10 - 4.13

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  1. xcoder


    Video: youtube.com/watch?v=bHa-Ze90KBU

    The Advanced Social System is a chat,
    party, guild, emote & command system that allows for socialization
    between players.

    It is designed to be easy to integrate
    into projects and provides a powerful command/social system that is
    simple to build upon.


    • Configurable chat channels (Say, Yell, Party, Guild, Private Messages and Global chat)

    • Emote system that allows you to assign animations and sounds to player emotes.

    • A party system where you can invite, promote and kick members.

    • A guild system where you can set a MOTD, invite, promote and kick members

    • Area based global channels for easy configuration of zone chat areas.

    • System and chat commands that the player can execute.

    Example Commands:

    • /? - This help information

    • /quit, /exit - Quits the game

    • /say, /s - Send a message to players in your immediate area

    • /yell, /y, /sh, /shout - Send a message to players in your area

    • /emote, /em, /e - Perform an emote with the given text

    • /party, /p - Sends a chat message to your party

    • /guild, /g - Sends a chat message to your guild

    • /whisper, /w, /tell, /t - Send a message to another player

    • /reply, /r - Reply to the last whisper

    • /general, /1 - General chat channel. Seen by all players in the zone

    • /trade, /2 - Trade channel. Seen by all players in the zone

    • /invite, /inv - Invites a player to your party

    • /leave - Leaves your current party

    • /remove, /uninvite, /kick - Removes a player from your current party

    • /disband - Disbands the party

    and many more commands included.

    Technical Details

    Number of Blueprints: 30 (+8 UMG)

    Intended Platform: Desktop

    Platforms Tested: PC, Mac

    Documentation Included: Blueprints are commented and easy to follow.

    Important\Additional Notes: Tutorials
    and additional information can be found on the marketplace forum