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Responsive Design Made Easy!With a single check of a box you can turn ...

  1. xcoder
    Responsive Design Made Easy!With a single check of a box you can turn Dynamik into a fully responsive Genesis Child Theme, but it doesn’t stop there. With intuitive Responsive Design controls you can completely customize the way your site responds to mobile devices!Whether you’re a total beginner who wants to be able to customize their site design without coding knowledge or a Developer looking for an efficient design solution for their growing web development business, the Dynamik Website Builder delivers.The Genesis Framework + The Dynamik Website Builder = One Seriously Powerful WordPress Web Design Tool!Your home page is the first page your customers see, so naturally its the first one you want to build to suit your vision. Before Dynamik Website Builder, the home page was not an easy thing for end users to build short of learning to code or hiring a developer. With Dynamik, you dream it up and with 1-click, one of the 49 home page configurations will empower you to bring your vision to life.49 without mentioning the Feature Top AND Fat Footer Widget Areas, each of which offer up to 4 widget areas side by side and allow for 1-click placement on your home page, your website Posts, your website Pages, and your Blog Template. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="