[GET] EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.6 v2.6

EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.4.10Here’s some of the re...

  1. xcoder
    EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.4.10Here’s some of the
    EventOn - WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.4.10
    Here’s some of the rest of the features…
    • Supports single and multiple day events
    • Create single day events
    • Create events without end day or time
    • Create all day events
    • Duplicate events in wp-admin
    • Exclude certain events from calendar
    • Span events until end time while hiding end time
    • Set event location image
    • Set location by latitude longitude
    • Save locations and re-use them for events
    • Set event organizer contact information
    • Save event organizer for re-using in events
    • Learn more about the event link support
    • Various options for how a user can interact with event
    • Use universal time and date format through your website
    • Schema SEO content support for calendar events
    • Ability to auto archive past events
    • Easily add custom CSS styles via eventON Settings
    • Customize calendar month/year format
    • Customize calendar date and time formats
    • Ability to reset calendar appearance to default easily
    • Ability to open eventCards on load
    • Display upcoming events list by months
    • Pre-set calendar event order ASC/DESC
    • Show featured events above others in calendar
    • Show calendar with only featured events
    • Create calendars with featured images on list
    • Dynamic “load more” pagination of events in the calendar
    • Show calendar for certain fixed months
    • Ability to set eventCard opening to act as accordion style
    • RTL support – (right-to-left text)
    • Show a limit number of events per month on the calendar
    • Categorized events based on custom taxonomies
    • Create calendars with only events from certain event categories
    • Completely customize all the data on event rows in calendar
    • Customize google maps interactive features such as mouse scroll, zoom etc.
    • AJAX driven smooth month to month navigation
    • Add calendar to your theme via shortcode or PHP template tag
    • Integrated PayPal to accept payments for events
    • Custom Language Text support and includes POT file for further customization
    • Set events to show at random order
    • Show events only for logged-in users
    • Individual email to receive payments via paypal per event
    • Make certain custom fields only visible to admin or logged-in users