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Score Keyword CompetitivenessUse our proprietary Keyword Competitivene...

  1. xcoder
    Score Keyword CompetitivenessUse our proprietary Keyword Competitiveness score to determine the difficulty of ranking different keywords in the top 10 Google results.Custom Difficulty TargetsAdd your domain to a project to discover what level of keyword difficulty you should be targeting with each of your sites so you can focus your search.Determine MetricsView metrics (powered by Majestic) to help determine domain strength, page strength, referring domains to page and domain, indexed URLs, number of links and site age.Calculate Keyword ProfitabilityUse the brand new Rank Value feature to determine a keyword’s profitability based on whether you’re building an Adsense Site, an Amazon site, or selling your own product.Sort & TrackSort niches by different sets of keywords and track favorites within projects so you can revisit them later.Export ResultsExport lists of keywords, competition data, top 10 Google results, and keyword metrics data.Real-time FilteringFilter keyword results by CPC, local searches, advertiser competition, number of words, and keyword competitiveness.Adwords DataInput a list of keywords and get data on competition, CPC, local/global monthly searches, and the number of words.