[GET] Material 2.2 – White Label WordPress Admin Theme vMaterial 2.2

Material Admin is most advanced and elegant White Label WordPress Admin Theme in marketplace

  1. xcoder
    Material Admin is most advanced and elegant White Label WordPress Admin Theme in marketplace.Along with White Label Branding features, It comes with 100 Elegant themes and gives you an option to Create your own custom theme. You can also control full appearance of Admin Menu, Top Bar, Buttons, Content Boxes, Typography, Forms, Text and background colors, logo and so on… Material Admin has integrated 20+ Custom Dashboard Widgets for Site and Visitor Statistics.Material Admin is compatible with both LTR and RTL modes so can be used for any language. Material admin is also Multisite compatible.Admin Menu Management Addon is again outstanding feature to use. You can easily Rename,Rearrange menu and submenu items, Change menu icons, Enable/Disable Menu and submenu items.Material admin comes with Fully customizable Beautiful Login Screen theme. Also Control Top bar links, Customize Footer, Plugin access permissions, Login page customizing options etc. features help you to design web project (in WordPress) for your clients with your own company branding.Check our online demo: Material – White Label WordPress Admin Theme Demo. Login with Username: demo and Password: demoVersion 2.2 – 16th November 2016FIXED: Checkbox and Radio button compatibility issue fixedUPDATE: HTTPS:// support added for user tracking service to avoid any mixed content.Version 2.1 – 09th November 2016UPDATE: Ipinfo.io service integrated for user location tracking in dashboard widgetsUPDATE: Geoplugin class removed and replaced with an alternative online serviceUPDATE: Added a abiliy to track city, country, region and ip of userFIXED: Dashboard Widget of User Country Type (Worldwide User) working now.FIXED: Online user count dashboard widget working now.ADDED: Option to enable/disable user location tracking on frontend. This option is added in dashboard widgets sectionFIXED: Dashboard widget Platform type widget code issue (for tracking unknown platforms).ADDED: 3rd Party Plugin Compatibility for ithemes security plugin fixed and made usableUPDATE: Improved CSS at various places.UPDATE: Improved multi site dropdown menu listUPDATE: Woocommerce datatable uneven columns width issue fixedUPDATE: Added Redux Framework URL compatibility issue with other plugins/themes.ADDED: Login page settings now added for all themes (custom + inbuilt themes)UPDATE: Minified main plugin CSS file for faster loading.UPDATE: Regenarate inbuilt theme css files.Version 1.2 – 29th October 2016FIXED: Fixed User Location details in Dashboard Widget – Visitor location on World MapFIXED: Uneven columns widths for Users list pageFIXED: Uneven columns widths for Pages list pageFIXED: Uneven columns widths for Posts list pageFIXED: Uneven columns widths for Plugins list pageFIXED: Uneven columns widths for Medias list viewUPDATE: Multisite Compatible default Auto Generated site themeUPDATE: Multisite Compatibility for Dashboard Widgets AJAX CallsADDED: Default Font backup as recommended by WordPress for different platforms and devices.UPDATE: Replaced deprecated function get_userdatabylogin() with get_user_by()UPDATE: Replaced deprecated function get_blog_list() with wp_get_sites()FIXED: Multiple Clicks issue on buttons resolved.UPDATE: Removed waves effect on click buttons event for 3rd party plugins compatibilityUPDATE: Visual Composer plugin compatibilityADDED: Redux Vendor Support in documentationUPDATE: Regenerate plugin css file (both full and minified versions)Version 1.1 – 17th October 2016UPDATE: Visual Composer CompatibilityADDED: Envato Auto Update plugin integratedADDED: Save Menu in Appearance -> Menu, buttons workingUPDATE: Faster loading Google Fonts and improved page load speedUPDATE: Remove Redux framework demo mode links from the pluginVersion 1.0 – Initial Release