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    Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!The Newspaper template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. So far, we have the theme integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense. A word about speed:This is the fastest newspaper theme available. We spent a considerable amount of time tweaking every aspect of the theme to perform at it’s absolute best.All the queries are hand inspected to be optimal, all the images and resources are carefully compress to make the site load blazing fast and all the scripts are profiled and modified to run at top speed.Run pagespeed on our demo The full list of features:Full documentationTemplate list:Homepage – We have a lot of homepages in the main menu of the demoSearch – unique SEO optimized search templateBlog indexAuthor – post count, comments count and author widgetCategory – breadcrumbs, subcategories and category description.Tag – easy tagcloud navigation via widget404 template – with latest postsArchives pageOther features:All the blocks – please select your block from the top. You can mix and match them. All of the content blocks support ajax pagination and subcategories (including slides)Live search with ajax and up down keysOne click demo install – NO MORE .XML files, with just one click you have the demo data installedPowered by Visual Composer – the best Drag and Drop page builderWoocommerce supportCustom bbpress styling + custom login system – you can now build a community with ease.Custom auto scaling content blocks – a block changes it’s structure to work perfectly (in sidebar, full width or pages with sidebar)Responsive Google AdSense support via our custom admin panel – the scripts loads a different google adsense spot for each screen size. Once it’s loaded it doesn’t modify it in order to be 100% compliant with Google adSense TOS.Responsive ads support – for ad networks that allow multiple ad spots on the same div or if you want to show your own ads on different devices. This option will change the ad spot on the fly, for example when a tablet is changed from landscape to portrait. (the header banner from the demo site is using this system)Inline Google AdSense or other ads after a predefined number of paragraphsAuto youtube, dailymotion and vimeo thumb downloader – just paste a youtube url and the site will download the largest image available from the clip automatically and it will set it as a featured image. Very easy to add videos to articles.Built in review system (stars, percents, points)SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviewsBuilt in translation support from our admin panel. No more .po .mo files, you just get a form with all the strings from the theme and the corresponding translations.Multi Language site support via the free qTranslate plugin. All from wp-admin.Google fonts – change the fonts easy from the Theme panelSticky navigation menu – with option to enable, disable or enable only on big screens (not on phones)Each category has:8 category templates styles12 category top posts styles – each with 7 unique grid styles19 custom module style (loop style)custom colorscustom background imagecustom sidebar + position(left, full, right)Unlimited sidebars – each post, page, category can have it’s own sidebar. Also the author, search, tag, blog index templates all have custom sidebarsBuilt in related posts based on tags, author or categoryEasy Google analytics support (just paste the code in our admin)14 footer layoutsCustom pagebuilder elementsBig Grid slide12 Big Grids25 BlocksSocial counter with 10 unique stylesInstagram widgetWeather widgetExchange widgetNews tickerVideo playlistText with titleAd boxHomepage postPopular categoryIOS SliderCustom widgetsPopular category widget – show most popular categoryAuthor box widget – show authors sorted by number of posts, or by nameSocial counter widget – a social counter that shows numbers of likes, followers or subscribersAd box – allow you to select an ad zone (you define the responsive ad zones in our panel)25 BlocksInstagram widgetWeather widgetExchange widgetSlideText with titleWe personally respond to all the request that we receive and we are trying to help everyone. Please visit our support forum.Version 7.4 – September 12th, 2016new: we are very happy to announce that this version of the theme supports retina featured images.new: twitter video supportfix: Social counter header can be changed againfix: footer copyright section on mobile theme now works as expectedfix: fixed author name on mobile theme + theme logofix: various bbpress css fixesfix: category template subcategory dropdown list colorfix: better aligment for images without any aligment option (left, middle or right)fix: cleaned up the social counter CSSfix: WordPress RSS widget was brokennew: all blocks can now have custom classnames in the wrapper. The class can be added in visual composer while editing the block.The list of modified filesVersion 7.3 – July 26th, 2016UPDATE NOTICE: Please note that this version does not work with legacy Visual Composer versions.new: support for facebook featured videos. If a video from facebook is set as featured, the theme can automatically download the thumb and generate the embed player.new: login, register and forgot password ajax windows, a complete and more modern redesign.new: added support for full height rows, column position and content position on them in Visual Composer.new: added support for parallax speed on rowsnew: added support for equal height inner rows and content placementnew: fixed the blocks ajax filters. Now when padding is added from the design tab, the ajax filters will work as expectednew: setting to hide the author name on modules and on single posts independently. Previously there was only one global setting.misc: we cleaned the theme panel and the code is more organized nowmisc: all the blocks now show a notice to admins on the frontend when there are missing settings that are required.misc: all the advertising blocks now support an ad titlemisc: various google webmaster structured data issues have been fixedmisc: the main theme loader is smoother nowmisc: added class to comment titlesmisc: we changed the way templates detect the Visual Composer plugin. The detection method is based on VC_ROW and it only triggers when VC_ROW is found in the content. This allows one to use shortcodes in the default templates that have sidebar + title.fix: bookmarklet missing on mobile themefix: vertical sidebar text on admin tinymce editorfix: recipes demo spacing issueThe list of modified filesVersion 7.2 – July 6th, 2016new: Visual Composer plugin updated to the latest version 4.12new: We added the Design options tab on most of the blocks.new: Added support for custom fonts in theme panel that are uploaded via the wordpress media gallery. The custom fonts can be used just like before on most of the theme’s UI without writing any codenew: the weather widget now opens an input if it’s unable to locate the user via the browser’s location API.misc: block paramers now have a better descriptionmisc: we fully rewrote the trending now block, it’s now leaner and it works bettermisc: code improvements to the following shortcodes: td_block_big_grid_slide, td_block_homepage_full_1, td_block_ad_box and the video playlistsmisc: the media gallery that is used in the theme panel is now less cluthered and without the unused optionsfix: the close button for the mobile menu was fixedfix: long author names now work fine on td_block_16 shortcodefix: long instagram user ids now appear as expected on the widget and blockfix: background ad now works as expectedfix: styling issue on the install demos panelfix: exchange widget and block issue on some servers because we use https to acces the APIfix: instagram widget warnings with wp-debug on when no instagram id was presentfix: mobile menu background height is now as expectedfix: HTML in footer copyright is not stripped nowThe list of modified filesVersion 7.1.1 – May 24th, 2016fix: Instagram support on tagDiv Social Counter. The plugin was updated to version 4.1fix: mobile menu appears on IE edge on refreshfix: uninstall demos was not working as expected. In this version it will remove the installed demo and restore the original content of the site (including menus, widgets and sidebars)The list of modified filesVersion 7.1 – May 20th, 2016fix: panel got stuck while saving in specific cases, mostly related to categoriesfix: Related articles filter was not working with the settings from the panel if you choose related by tags and the post had no tags set.fix: contributor users cannot change the post template now, this is more in line with WordPressfix: Security issuesfix: back to top on ie9fix: missing woocommerce add to cart on mobilesThe list of modified filesVersion 7.0.1 – May 12th, 2016fix: Related articles filter was not working with the settings from the panel if you choose related by tags or categories.fix: Infinite pagination on categories did not work with speed boosterThe list of modified filesv7.5 – November 1st, 2016new: author block – this block shows the author picture, socials and description. All in a nice and customizable design.new: image box block – this block is not just a simple image, it can be used to create banners, show featured categories with custom images or just to show some images. It’s auto adjusting and fully customizable.0fix: overlapping of Visual Composer and Newspaper tooltips while editing a page after the first installmisc: various core code refactoring and optimizations.misc: better theme documentation and better help text in panelmisc: added used on for thumbnails in theme panelmisc: file path and names are now visible on each module, smart list, template etc on hovermisc: breadcrumbs markup, added BreadcrumbList schemamisc: in the System status panel, the theme now shows the license key used on the current install and we also have a button to remove the license from the install.fix: our blocks sometimes had issues auto adjusting the column count when placed in a inner row that is in a rowfix: wrong recommended columns in Visual Composer, new users found it difficult to find out on what column layouts our blocks work bestfix: drag and drop metabox flicker in wp-admin while editing a pageVersion 7.0 – May 9th, 2016UPDATE NOTICE: Please update tagDiv Social Counter to the latest version that comes with the theme.new: Mobile Theme – version 1.0new: Instagram block and widgetnew: Footer Instagramnew: Weather block and widgetnew: Weather option in top barnew: Exchange block and widgetnew: Mobile menu on the resposive version of the themenew: 4 new big gridsnew: 2 new big grids stylesnew: 3 new modulesnew: 4 new blocksnew: 2 new footer stylesnew: 15 one click demosnew: Black version of the themenew: 10 Social counter stylesnew: search menu on mobilesnew: background support for mobile search and menunew: the mobile theme and the responsive theme on mobiles now offer a login/register optionnew: custom post types now support a global sidebar that can be set from the theme panelnew: logo in H1 tagsnew: reset button in theme panel. This will bring the theme to the original statenew: panel for one click demosnew: enable/disable category pull-down filter option in theme panelnew: display order for category tags on post pages option in theme panelnew: Social Counter – version 4.0 – please update your plugin to the latest versionmisc: the theme settings are now only saved once per pageload and only if needed. We use the shutdown action to save themmisc: video playlist block now works with multiple playlists of the same type on one pagemisc: we audited all the metadata produced by the theme and we improved every aspect of itmisc: each demo, now loads it’s separate css filemisc: updated the google fonts listmisc: better seo on smartlistsmisc: the featured image from the smartlists now supports custommisc: the categories that are listed on post pages can now be shown using the WordPress default order. This can be enabled from theme panelmisc: all blocks can now sort by older firstmisc: The responsive youtube player now has a better aspect ratiomisc: All font options are now included on a single page, Theme Fonts, documentation was also updated to match the new configurationmisc: We optimized the queries for all the blocks and widgets that don’t show posts (popular categories, social counter etc…)fix: on blocks the by category filter now returns all the categories again if no ids are selectedfix: the theme works better with the default wordpress excerpts. It does not remove the … now from the excerpts<li style="box-sizing: