[GET] PHP Easy Lock - Add Password On Your Page v1.1 v1.1

  1. xcoder
    Ever wanted to block the access of users on a certain page, but didn't find a good code for that? Well this is it! All you need is inside one file, and is being run from one single line of code...

    • No installation, no configuration, no database needed
    • Everything is inside a single file
    • Very easy to use. For basic usage you only need 1 line of code
    • Fully Responsive and brand new design. Works perfect on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops
    • 3 skins( + other 4 that come as a bonus) to choose from
    • For higher functional demands, there are lots of functionalities, like md5 encryption, IP blocking, limiting number of attempts etc.
    • Running very fast ~0.0044477 seconds (4 milliseconds)