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Pintastic is among the top pinterest clone scripts on the market - it ...

  1. xcoder
    Pintastic is among the top pinterest clone scripts on the market - it is the product of over 3 years of continuous development, and over 3000 custom modules and designs. With over 2000 sites live around the globe it is certainly the most popular one, too.So what is Pintastic?At the core of our Pintastic Script is a system for posting, sharing, describing and organizing content that people like. It was conceived as exact Pinterest ™ clone software, but quickly outgrew this narrow frame. It is anonline pinboard script – users can pin images (including animated GIFs) from websites or from their PCs. PIntastic can be even a social marketplace script where sellers and buyers can meet each other. Pintastic is also a video sharing script (a.k.a. chill clone), where videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo can be pinned.  Being a pinterest software, it also allows users to collect websites and pages from around the Web.Each pin:May be grouped by interests* to make them more discoverable And can be promoted to the top of the homepage and the category pages for a fee*.*Requires a separated module.Add functionality to your projectFor the newest Member of the Pintastic family we have developed more than 40 different modules, with which you can make your project unique and to suit to your needs. Take a look over the modules and pick them from the respective sections:Monetizing modulesSelling online modulesPayment ModulesGeneral Purpose ModulesCrawlersFiltersMore information about the modules, you can find here.Choose from the “Bundles”If you don’t know what functionality to take for your project, check the “Bundles” section, where you can find a Pintastic script combined with modules to match your needs. In this section we have offering the most searched combinations of our best selling clone script plus some of the most popular modules. The best in these combinations is that once you order them, you can download the script and modules in a single archive - all you need to do is install them - and you will start making profit.You can make a custom combination only with the modules you want - remove the modules you don't need, add the ones you desire with a single click and SAVE UP TO 20%!  Join our Members Club and you can buy the bundle with 20% discount compared with the regular price.Advantages:complete business model - install and launch your projectAll features you need already includedPerfect for start of new online businessChoose from our selection of Bundles on this page.Successful Business SolutionsBased on our users' experience and the requests sent by our customers we have prepared a new section in our beautiful site named Successful Business Solutions. There you can find ready business models in different areas - travel, real estate, online stores etc. The solutions include predefined design template which comes with script and the needed functionality.Choose the solution that matches your idea and start your own business today!