[GET] Rating Form v1.5.2 v1.5.2

Choose or create a Rating Form, choice of Stars, Hearts, Smileys, Thum...

  1. xcoder
    • User friendly
    • Multilingual (.pot template included) / Compatible with WPML
    • Choice of min. 1 to 10 max. shapes
    • Create multiple child rating forms of the parent through shortcode attribute custom_id
    • Every rating form has his own individual options
    • Various forms:
      • Change shape size
      • Change colors
      • Set alignment
      • Much more options!
    • Limit ratings based on time duration or no duration time (limitless), e.g. 10 votes per 1 hour (1 day, 1 week etc.) or fill in custom time duration.
    • Show rating result in search engines like Google (Rich Snippet).
    • Live rating statics (click on total ratings button).
    • Tooltips!
    • Instant AJAX rating.
    • Works on cache plugins!
    • Allow to edit previous rating!
    • Add titles (text) for each shape position
    • Choose which post types are allowed
    • Choose which user roles are allowed
    • Define which posts are allowed through Post ID(s)
    • Enable spinner update animation (loading)
    • Switch to empty shapes
    • Switch between Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down only buttons.
    • Change direction to RTL
    • Change decimal of average rounding
    • Upload your own custom shapes.
    • Enable if only registered users should rate.
    • Add shortcode inside posts/pages or in template files.
    • Add inside comments with shortcode attribute comment_id
    • Create multiple criteria ratings
    • Widget: Display Top Rating Results or use with shortcode: rating_form_top_rating_results
    • Include multiple post / pages instead of adding to all posts
    • Exclude multiple post / pages instead of adding to all posts
    • Compatible with SSL / HTTPS connection
    • Compatible with myCred
    • Export / Import rating result!
    • Block IP’s
    • Useful shortcode options you can add:
      • Hide/Show total ratings
      • Hide/Show tooltip
      • Hide/Show stats
      • Turn on/off rating result
    • See changelog for more features!