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“Its no longer a case of ‘IF‘ you get attacked but ‘WHEN’. If you hav...

  1. xcoder
    “Its no longer a case of ‘IF‘ you get attacked but ‘WHEN’. If you have not taken steps to lock down and harden your WordPress installation you will get hacked – Period.”1) You get banned from Google2) You lose traffic3) Email providers ban you a spammer or worse for a ‘phishing’ server.4) You lose your work, all the effort you put in creating your site.5) You can lose your files – hackers can delete your data.6) Companies and CEOs are being fined when their site is hacked.Demo and overview of the software: Secure your site in 2 minutes:SecureScanPRO is a comprehensive WordPress plugin, designed for non technical users to scan and fix issues with one click. Combined with an intelligent ‘brute-force’ attack defence system against botnets makes SecureScanPRO the ultimate to secure your site.Features & Benefits:Easy to InstallThis WordPress plugin can be installed and ready to use within a few minutes.Runs Security TestsScans for 33 known risks and vulnerabilities.Click to Correct12 known vulnerabilities are corrected simply by clicking the "Fix It" button.Detailed ExplanationsEach test is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the risk and solution provided.Scheduled ScansAbility to select a daily or weekly scan schedule based on preference.Email NotificationsBe notified within seconds of someone trying to execute a brute-force attack on your site.Access ProtectionEnsures that unauthorized IP addresses are not permitted entry and automatically bans intruders based on failed logins.100% Free SupportFree updates and support is available online through our help desk, which is staffed by US and UK employees. We are here to help you deal with any issue you may have.