[GET] Shiftnav Pro – Responsive WordPress Mobile Menu v1.5.1 v1.5.1

Shiftnav Pro v1.5.1 – Responsive WordPress Mobile MenuAdvanced Content...

  1. xcoder
    Shiftnav Pro v1.5.1 – Responsive WordPress Mobile Menu

    Advanced Content
    Add advanced content to your menus like logos, search bars, maps, and more!

    Upgrade to ShiftNav Pro and choose from over 350 Font Awesome Icons for your menu.

    ShiftNav offers indented list-style submenus, while ShiftNav Pro adds expandable accordion and shifting panel submenus.

    ShiftNav offers standard light and dark skins, while ShiftNav Pro offers an array of skin styles to match your site’s look. Or create your own custom skin with the included LESS files.

    Customize your menu
    Create a totally custom look for your menu with the WordPress Customizer

    Unlimited ShiftNavs
    Set which menu items, edges, skins, and more independently for each menu with ShiftNav Pro.

    • Native app-style mobile menu
    • Integrated Icons give visitors visual cues
    • Automatic site integration
    • Light, dark, and colorful skins
    • Create customized skins in the Customizer
    • Always visible, accordion, and shift-over submenus configurable for each menu item
    • Advanced content like logos and shortcodes in the menu panel
    • Configurable Toggle Bar & Breakpoint
    • Unlimited ShiftNav Panels, on the left or right of your site