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Have you ever seen your friends sharing posts like “Where should you a...

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    Have you ever seen your friends sharing posts like “Where should you actually live?” or “What career were you actually meant for?” or “How old are you at heart?” or even “What kind of dog are you?” ? You should have seen many if you are active on Facebook. Believe it or not, they are so viral! Hundreds of thousands of people visit those sites every day to try and share these fun quizzes.Why should you bother?You might have heard the story of the biggest of such sites – PlayBuzz which became the “Most shared site” on Facebook in just 10 months from launch. Yes people love to share such fun content on Facebook and that makes it viral. Imagine how would it be if you own a site like that.GOOD NEWS! YOU COULD CREATE A VIRAL QUIZ WEBSITE IN MINUTES NOW.SocioQuiz is a Viral Quiz website script that has full image/video and custom HTML support. It has more features than the quizzes on Playbuzz, Buzzfeed or other sites out there.Thanks to all buyers who made BornSocio the “TOP NEW AUTHOR” of March, 2015 in just 15 daysYes, SocioQuiz, our first product was launched on 15th of MarchRead on to know whats inside!What people say about SocioQuizDEMOClick here for site demoADMIN PANEL DEMOClick here for Admin panel demoUsername: admin Password: adminMinimum server requirementsPHP 5.4 or aboveApache Web ServerMCrypt PHP Extension (required for Laravel)Mbstring PHP Extension (required for FB SDK – Facebook login)CURLPDO ExtensionGD Extension (for image processing)Technologies and libraries used in SocioQuizLaravel 4.2Bootstrap 3jQueryBackbone JsAnd many other OpenSource librariesFAQI don’t know anything about code. Can I install it and get it running?Yes, Of course. You just need to upload it and install it using the built-in web-based installer. All you need to do is to create a database and provide the details. If in case you experience any other difficulty, we are here to help! Simply open a ticket.Can I install it on a shared hosting?Sure, as long as it meets the specified requirementsDoes it support Arabic and other RTL languages?Yes! It supports all Right-to-left languages tooCan I keep and promote the built-in quizzes?Yes! You could. No restrictions.Updates Historyv1.1.1Released on 30 March, 2015Updating from an older version? Get the update-patch and instructions here:http://bornsocio.com/blog/docs/socio-quiz/update-socioquiz/Added ‘Categories’ for better organization of quizzesBetter utf-8 character handling: Fixed urlencoding of quiz-urls.New Widget slot: above quiz’s questions. High visibility especially on small screens. Best spot for an AD-slot with high CTR.Facebook Comments now displays thoughout the quiz rather than just on the result screenLayout and alignment improvements for RTL languagesFixed Bug: Error on creating quiz without main OG image.Fixed Bug: Showing current quiz again in related quiz.Improved installer with better requirement checks.Many other minor bug fixes.v1.1.2Released on 1 July, 2015Updated PrettyPhoto library to v3.1.6. Updating from an older version? Update only the file “jquery.prettyPhoto.js” in the directory “themes/modern/js” with the new one in the update.Checkout our new Viral Script Creatives/banners creditsBusiness vector designed by Freepik