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Types let's you customize the WordPress admin by adding content types,...

  1. xcoder
    Types let's you customize the WordPress admin by adding content types, custom fields and taxonomies. You will be able to craft the WordPress admin and turn it into your very own content management system.POWERFUL PHP API, SIMPLE GUI FOR NON-CODERSIf you're an experienced PHP developer, you'll appreciate Types comprehensive PHP APIand documentation.The full Toolset package lets you build complete WordPress sites from within the admin dashboard.CUSTOM FIELDS FOR CONTENT AND USERSTypes lets you add custom fields for both posts (meaning, WordPress posts, pages and custom content types), as well as users. You can add any field types to different user profiles.ACCESS CONTROL FOR FIELDSUsing Access, you will be able to control what fields different users can edit and view. This way, you can make some field groups read-only for certain users, and fully-editable for other users.For example, when you build a membership site, the site admin will be able to change membership levels for everyone and users will see their membership fields as read-only.DESIGN CUSTOM FIELDS WITH EASETypes fields come with a built-in CSS editor, letting you design how fields appear in the WordPress admin. You can design both full-edit and read-only field display modes.RELIABLE SUPPORTTo get support for Types, please join our technical support forum. You will receive support directly from our developers, helping you deliver great sites on time and correctly.CUSTOM FIELDSTypes includes support for a wide list of custom fields.Single-line textMulti-line textWYSIWYG (WordPress Visual Editor)CheckboxMulti-value CheckboxesRadio groupDrop-down SelectFile uploadImage (Types includes a robust image-resize and caching engine)Date (includes a JS date-picker)EmailNumberPhoneSkypeURLAudioVideoEmbedded mediaColorpickerPost reference (using Types Parent / Child relationships management)Types custom fields use the standard WordPress post-meta table, making it cross-compatible with any theme or plugin. Additionally, all fields can be repeating fields.CUSTOM POST TYPES AND TAXONOMIESTypes lets you easily setup custom post types and taxonomies. You can create new post types in seconds and use the advanced settings to customize every aspect.Full control over every featureAssociate taxonomies with custom post typesIntegrated control over custom fields display for different post typesBUILD RELATIONAL SITESTypes lets you define parent / child relationship between different post types. You'll easily setup one-to-many and many-to-many relationships and build powerful sites.MULTILINGUAL READYTypes is the only custom fields and post types plugin that's built multilingual-ready. It plays perfectly with WPML. You'll be able to translate everything, including texts and labels in the WordPress admin and user-content for front-page.BUILT FOR STABILITYTypes is part of a family of plugins, including WPML and Toolset, developed and maintained by OnTheGoSystems. Our plugins power over 500,000 commercial sites, using WordPress as a complete CMS. While we love features, we know that stability, performance, usability and security are critical. All our plugins go through comprehensive testing, QA and security analysis before every release.