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The social login extension allows users to easily register/login to yo...

  1. xcoder
    The social login extension allows users to easily register/login to your site using their social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK / VKontakte).

    Key Features:
    • Add social login buttons to registration and login forms.
    • Decide which social login buttons to use on your site (e.g you can activate Facebook and Twitter but keep Google+ and LinkedIn deactivated).
    • 2-step process for users registering via social network (this ensures all required data is collected before registration is complete).
    • Users can instantly login to your site without entering any details after they have registered on site.
    • Users can connect/disconnect from social networks via their account page.
    • Show social login buttons anywhere on site using shortcodes.
    • Easily edit the shortcodes to customize what is shown on your site.
    • Profile photos syncing (e.g if a user connects via Facebook their Facebook profile photo will show on your site).
    Supported Social Networks
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • VKontakte
    Important info
    • Due to social network policies and to avoid app reviews this extension only imports basic user information from the networks.
    • This extension will not allow you to post on a user’s network after they register/login.
    • Use of this extension requries you to setup an application on each of the social network’s websites.
    • The social login is built with latest code / API from social networks, therefore it needsPHP version 5.4 at least to run properly.