[GET] WooCommerce Delivery Slots v1.7.5 v1.7.5

The WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin enables your customers to choose and reserve a delivery date a

  1. xcoder
    WooCommerce Delivery Slots Features
    WooCommerce Delivery Slots gives you a great selection of features, which are often updated and added to. These include:

    • “Upcoming Deliveries” tab for admin users.
    • “Currently Reserved” tab for admin users.
    • Datepicker and time slot selection field at checkout.
    • Enable delivery slots for specific shipping methods, with compatibility for the most popular shipping plugins.
    • Minimum and maximum selectable delivery date.
    • Fully translatable, with some languages packaged.
    • Choose which days of the week deliveries are available on.
    • Enable just the date field, or the time slots as well.
    • Allow bookings up to (x) minutes before slot start time.
    • Lockout after (x) bookings for each slot, on a single day.
    • Restrict slot to specific postcodes or postcode ranges.
    • Additional fee per slot.
    • Restrict slot to specific days.
    • Holiday days where deliveries can not be made.
    • Reserve a slot while you shop, which expires after (x) minutes.
    • Highly customisable reservation table shortcode.
    • Disable same day delivery if current time is after (x).
    • Disable next day delivery if current time is after (x).