[GET] WPMU DEV - Post Indexer v3.0.6.3 v3.0.6.3

FEATURESMake global content sharing possibleCompile posts from across ...

  1. xcoder
    • Make global content sharing possible
    • Compile posts from across a network in one place
    • Index custom post types
    • Choose specific post types to include
    • Post index content from specific sites
    • Remove posts from global index after set amount of time
    • Manually trigger network index rebuild
    • Index sites one-at-a-time
    • Index posts that were already published
    • Built-in statistics viewer
    • Easy-to-read graphs
    • Debug logging
    • 'Most Indexed Sites' quick view
    • 'Recently Indexed Posts' quick view
    • Post Indexer summary view
    • Individual site statistics