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    X WordPress Theme – OverviewStacks – X includes multiple unique designs inside of one powerful theme, and we refer to these designs as “Stacks.” There are currently four Stacks available in X, with more on the way. It’s like buying one theme and constantly getting access to new designs all the time! The links below take you to the main demo for each Stack, however we have created multiple unique demos for each Stack so be sure to check them all out.IntegrityRenewIconEthosExtensions – Easily build upon the firm foundation X has already laid forth with our incredible new Extensions. Within the X ecosystem, Extensions are comprised of plugins built by our staff to work seamlessly with X, as well as third party plugins by developers we’ve partnered with to bring you great features that we’ve integrated tightly into the theme. This keeps X lean for those who might not need a certain feature and as efficient as possible for those who do! Be sure to check out a full list of our Extensions for more information on these amazing features that are included for free with each unique purchase as well as this FAQ explaining how the licensing works.Experts – X was built upon the input of industry-leading experts. We consulted numerous individuals and asked them what sort of features they wanted to see in a theme from an SEO standpoint, design, feature-set, et cetera, and built their suggestions right into the theme. Forget the marketing speak, X truly delivers on what it promises.Customizer – Being on the cutting edge of WordPress development is something we wanted to do from the start. Because of that, we made sure that we avoided the use of clunky additional admin panels and instead, opted to utilize the native WordPress Customizer (or rather, our souped up version of the WordPress Customizer). With this setup, you can preview all of the changes you make to your site live without any need to switch windows or refresh the browser over and over again. When you’re happy with your changes, select “Save & Publish” and your updates will go live. Within the WordPress Theme Customizer, the following can be edited:Stack selection (Integrity, Renew, Icon, or Ethos)Site layout (fullwidth or boxed)Site max-width (in pixels)Site width (in percentage)Content layout (content left – sidebar right, sidebar left – content right, or fullwidth)Background color, pattern, image, and image fadeCountless Stack-specific optionsEnable custom fonts and their subsets if desiredLogo font, color, size, weight, letter spacing, and choose to enable uppercasestylingNavbar link color, link color hover, size, weight, and choose to enable uppercase stylingHeadings font, color, weight, letter spacing, and choose to enable uppercasestylingBody font, color, size (base and content area), and weightLink color and link color hoverButton style (3D, flat, or transparent)Button shape (square, rounded, or pill)Button size (mini, small, regular, large, extra large, or jumbo)Button font color, background color, and border color (and set values for the hover as well)Header position (static top, fixed top, fixed left, or fixed right)Logo and navigation layout (inline or stacked)Enable or disable Navbar SearchNavbar top height (in pixels)Navbar side width (in pixels)Logo uploadMake logo retina readyNavbar top and side logo alignment (in pixels)Navbar top and side link alignment (in pixels)Mobile navbar button alignment (in pixels)Mobile navbar button size (in pixels)Header widget areas (one, two, three, or four)Header widget area button colorHeader widget area button color hoverEnable or disable topbarTopbar content for taglines, contact information, or secondary navigation(accepts HTML input)Enable or disable breadcrumbsEnable or disable top footer area)Footer widget areas (one, two, three, or four)Enable or disable bottom footer, footer menu, footer social menu, and footer content areaBottom footer content (accepts HTML input)Enable or disable the Scroll Top Anchor, allowing your users to return to the top of your site with the click of a mouseUpdate blog style (standard or masonry)Update blog layoutUpdate archive style (standard or masonry)Update archive layoutEnable or disable post metaEnable the excerpt or full post content on your index pageCustom URL slug for your portoflio itemsEnable cropped featured imagesEnable or disable portfolio item metaCustom portfolio tag list titleCustom portfolio project titleCustom portfolio project button textEnable or disable social sharing links on portfolio itemsManage and preview your bbPress setupUpdate bbPress layoutEnable or disable bbPress Navbar MenuManage and preview your BuddyPress setupUpdate BuddyPress layoutEnable or disable BuddyPress Navbar MenuCustom BuddyPress component titlesCustom BuddyPress component subtitles (in applicable Stacks)Manage and preview your WooCommerce shopUpdate shop layoutSelect product columnsPosts per page for the shopEnable or disable various product tabs with easeEnable or disable Related Products and alter their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)Enable or disable Upsells and alter their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)Enable or disable Cross Sells and alter their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)Adjust WooCommerce widget image alignmentProfiles for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance, Tumblr, and RSSSite icons (favicon, touch icon, tile icon, and tile icon background color)Input custom CSS right in the Theme CustomizerInput custom JavaScript right in the Theme CustomizerManage all of your widgetized areas right in the Theme CustomizerAnd so much more!Responsive – Let’s face it: we live in a mobile world. It’s absolutely essential that your website be as accessible as possible on all devices. However, we felt that responsive design was something else we wanted to make even better. Instead of utilizing a design that merely changes every so often at fixed breakpoints, we opted for a completely fluid (percentage-based) design that looks great on all screen sizes (even the “in-between” ones). It’s something that truly has to be seen to gather the whole experience. So fire up your 27” iMac, 11” netbook, Kindle Fire, Android phone, or anything else you can conjure up – X will look fabulous on all of them.Page Builder – X customers can choose between Cornerstone, our incredible 100% front-end page builder or Visual Composer for use within X. Both plugins are included with each verified purchase.Typography – The web is first and foremost a typographic medium. Because of that, we wanted to ensure that the level of control over your site’s type was unparalleled in any other WordPress theme on the market. We’ve not only included over 600 free Google Fonts to use in your theme, we’ve made it so that all respective weights of each font are dynamically loaded, ultimately providing you with more choice, and better overall site performance. Adjust sizes, colors, letter spacing, capitalization, and so much more with X’s near endless typographic options.Shortcodes – The bread and butter of any good theme. Shortcodes enable you to become a power user and take your site to new heights. But you’re only as good as what you’re provided with in your theme. With X, we’ve built 40 stellar shortcodes (plenty of them truly one of a kind), allowing you to build virtually any layout your mind can imagine. All shortcodes are included via a custom built plugin for easy maintenance. Included shortcodes are as follows:AccordonAlertAudio EmbedAuthorBlock GridBlockquoteButtonsCalloutClearCodeContainerContent BandColumnsColumnizeCustom HeadlineDropcapEntry ShareFeature HeadlineGapHighlightIcon ListIconsImagesLineMapPopovers & TooltipsPromoPromptProtected ContentPullquoteRecent PostsResponsive LightboxResponsive Pricing TableResponsive SliderResponsive TextResponsive VideoResponsive VisibilitySearchSkill BarTabbed ContentTable of ContentsTo see examples of the shortcodes and how they look in each Stack, check out the links below:Shortcodes – IntegrityShortcodes – RenewShortcodes – IconShortcodes – EthosNavigation – Utilize dozens of navigation options including positioning, height, centering, integrated search, and much more. The sky is the limit!Megamenus – Looking to display lots of content? Megamenus provide you with a visually engaging way to organize complex navigation layouts.Search – Our optional search functionality takes the traditional search form into the 21st century with clean styling and ease of use (it’s slick).One Page Sites – Easily setup one page navigation with X on your homepage or across multiple pages to create unique and engaging layouts for your visitors.WooCommerce – Easily transform your WordPress website into a full fledged eCommerce storefront with the click of a mouse (and for absolutely no additional cost). The X WordPress theme is fully integrated with the WooCommerce plugin for those who need it; however, if you don?t need an eCommerce feature on your site there will be no additional impact on your site?s performance. X only uses what needs to be used at any given time, keeping load times fast and visitors happy. But that?s not all! Since X was created to support multiple, completely unique designs called Stacks, each Stack has it?s own look and feel when it comes to WooCommerce integration. If you are looking for an eCommerce solution, you now have multiple completely unique looks to choose from! Check them out below:Shop – IntegrityShop – RenewShop – IconShop – IntegritybbPress – Still running that clunky, old-hat forum software on your website? If you haven’t tried out bbPress yet, you might want to give it a try! bbPress is forum software developed by the creators of WordPress, so you can rest assured that it will always be compatible with your installation and run using the most up to date features available. With X, we’ve taken it a step further and combed through every corner of what bbPress has to offer in an effort to tailor even the tiniest detail so that it is completely custom and not just like another “add-on.” bbPress is completely optional and is not required to run X, so if you don’t have any need for forums on your website, fear not! The theme will handle the loading of additional styles for bbPress dynamically, so if you’re not using the plugin you won’t have any extra code getting loaded in that you don’t need.bbPress – IntegritybbPress – RenewbbPress – IconbbPress – EthosBuddyPress – If you’re looking to take your site “beyond the blog,” BuddyPress might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. As their website puts it, BuddyPress is ”...a powerful (yet elegant) suite of social networking components, made the WordPress way, to help you build a flexible & robust community.” X features fully integrated styling and functionality for BuddyPress. We’ve left no stone unturned by taking all native components such as profiles, settings, groups, activity streams, notifications, friendships, and private messaging (along with much more) and customized them to meet our highest standards. As with all of our integrated plugins, customers who don’t plan on using BuddyPress won’t have any extra code loaded onto their website…kiss code bloat goodbye!BuddyPress – IntegrityBuddyPress – RenewBuddyPress – IconBuddyPress – EthosMarketing – Some people merely provide you with a theme and send you on your way to figure the rest out yourself. With our comprehensive member area, you won’t be alone in purchasing X. You’ll not only receive advice from industry experts on how to finely craft your content to reach a larger audience, but you’ll also receive training on how to use the theme itself. Dozens of HD videos and detailed documentation make working with X one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.Site Layout – It’s always nice to have decisions. Choose between boxed or fullwidth layouts across all Stacks to find a design that truly suits your needs.Custom Backgrounds – Setting a background to your site helps to set the mood you’re trying to achieve. Simple colors can be light, clean, and professional, patterns can provide some texture and depth, while whole images can make a powerful statement. With X, there’s no fuss with any of these options as you can easily alter each Stack fit your style. Additionally, you can even set unique background images on individual pages, including using multiples to create fullwidth background slideshows (a very creative use for portfolios). You’ve never had this much fun playing around with